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Milestone Test Prep

 Students arriving in their classroom after 7:45 a.m. are tardy and will be counted tardy in his/her homeroom.  An adult must sign in students arriving at 7:45 am or after before being admitted to class.   Please have your child at school at or before 7:40 am to ensure they have enough time to get breakfast and get to class on time, as it takes longer than one minute to walk from the car to their classroom.  Thank you all for your efforts to have students on time everyday.

 We are having the Georgia Milestones Tests beginning on April 20th.

  • April 20 - 29 – GMEOG Spring Main Administration

    • 20th – Math Section 1 (Grades 3 - 8)

    • 21st – Math Section 2 (Grades 3 - 8)

    • 22nd  – Social Studies (Grade 8)

    • 27th – ELA Section 1 (Grades 3 - 8)

    • 28th – ELA Sections 2 & 3 (Grades 3 – 8)

    • 29th – Science (Grades 5 & 8)

 2021-2022 WCS Kindergarten Registration 

  • Beginning May 3rd, enrollment is open Monday through Friday from 9:00-3:30, or by appointment. 

  • For June and July, Enrollment is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00-3:30, or by appointment. 

  • The enrollment office will be closed for the week of the 4th of July (5th-9th). 

  • The enrollment office is located at 925 Osburn Rd. Chickamauga, GA 30707


Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival

Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein by Jennifer Berne

The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson






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