David SchwindDear Parents and Guardians,


NLE is an enormous part of our RAMBLER community.  Students are immersed in increasing their personal achievement, interests, and abilities, as well as visiting our community, community members, and our world.  LaFayette is our town; this is our school.

Our school theme this year is BE EXTRA, as the current pandemic has caused us all to BE EXTRA in a multitude of ways. 

Please come assist as a volunteer and be a part of our school.  Please attend PTO meetings and ANY and ALL school functions.  We want you to be involved in your child/children’s education.

Ensure you receive our weekly school-cast calls, and know our teachers have an array of communication tools.  

Please contact the school or your teachers with any questions. We appreciate all parent communication.

We are proud to serve the future of our town, your children.

Our staff is committed to providing a safe, caring, and academically engaging environment for our students.  

Please check your student’s power school account weekly and stay informed of all the great opportunities at NLE through parent teacher communication.   Please ask your students what “Rambler Ready” means and why it is important. 

“Are you Rambler Ready?”


David Schwind

Principal NLE