NLE Student Handbook


610 North Duke Street

LaFayette, Georgia 30728

Phone: (706) 638-1869

Fax: (706) 638-7046


Dear Parents and Guardians,


We have all been through a great deal of unexpected challenges and changes this year. We will reopen with one top priority, the safety of our students, staff, and families. Walker County Schools (WCS) has developed a safe reopening plan for our student and employees and we are excited to reopen our school.

Last year’s underlying school theme was about our school and our community. Students were immersed in increasing their personal achievement, interests, and abilities, as well as visiting our community, community members, and our world. We will continue with our theme from last year: “This is our town; this is our school.”

However, this year we will have a school theme of “BE EXTRA” – as we have all had an extraordinary experience the past 5 months. We will all be extra safe, extra responsible, extra respectful, extra compassionate, extra understanding, extra accommodating, and extra focused on the academic enrichment and acceleration of our students. Join us at North LaFayette as we “BE EXTRA” for our students, families, and communities. As if we weren’t already enough…we are going to be here for our Ramblers in an EXTRA SPECIAL WAY this year.

Visit our website at and join our Facebook page, as we will use these frequently to communicate with all stakeholders. Ensure you receive our weekly school-cast calls, and know our teachers have an array of communication tools.

Please contact the school or your teachers with any questions. We appreciate you letting us know what you like about our school.

We are proud to serve the future of our town, your children.

Our staff is committed to providing a safe, caring, and academically engaging RETURN to School for our students.

Please check your student’s power school account weekly and stay informed of all the great opportunities at NLE through parent teacher communication. Please ask your students what “Rambler Ready” means and why it is important.


David Schwind

Principal NLE

"It is the Mission of Walker County Schools to ensure all students graduate -

Ready for College, Ready for Work, Ready for Life!"

Dear Students,

North LaFayette Elementary is your school, LaFayette is your town, and we consider this part of your home. We need your help to keep our school beautiful, positive, and safe for all. Please do your part every day to make your time and experience here EXTRAORDINARY. Learn and follow our positive school rules, take care of business, and treat everyone how you would like to be treated. Below is some information that will help you and all who come to our school. Go Ramblers! BE EXTRA!

General Policies

1. Students transported by parents should not arrive before 7:00 a.m.

2. Students arriving at 7:00 a.m. should go directly to the cafeteria.

3. Breakfast will begin at 7:15 a.m. and students eat in their classrooms.

4. Those students who do not plan to eat breakfast will go directly to the classroom at 7:15 (they will be in the cafeteria from 7:00-7:15)

5. Homeroom is from 7:15-7:45. Instruction will begin promptly at 7:45.

6. Students arriving in their classroom after 7:45 a.m. are tardy. After that time, an adult must sign in student outside the front door before they are admitted to class. Please have your child at school on time.

7. We will not check students out in the office after 2:00 pm. *** If you are checking your student out before 2:00, you MUST have identification with you. Please understand that all persons that are not

8. Dismissal time is at 2:15p.m. beginning with bus riders.

Library Books

The Walker County School System provides opportunities for students to have access to library books. The care of books is the responsibility of each student. Some reasonable user damage is expected in daily use. Unreasonable or intentional damage to library books will result in fines or damage fees. Fines for damaged or lost books are based on the current replacement cost.

Field Trip Policy

Field trips are planned to enhance each grade level curriculum. Parents are encouraged to support participation. Trips are carefully planned by the teacher and approved by the administration and board of education. A parent or a legal guardian must sign permission forms before a child will be permitted to go on a field trip. Students not participating are required to attend school that day unless he/she is ill. The student not attending the field trip will be assigned to another classroom teacher for regular instruction. Walker County provides for teacher discretion in allowing students the privilege of attending field trips based upon the child’s demonstrated ability to follow the required code of conduct and all safety procedures. Please note that field trips are planned with each individual grade level’s standards in mind and siblings from other grade levels should not attend. If a student from another grade does attend, he/she will be counted absent and it will be unexcused.


Attendance is an essential component to a student’s academic success. When a student is absent, tardy or leaves early, valuable instruction and interaction is lost that cannot be made up. Georgia compulsory attendance laws identify truancy as a Code of Conduct violation. We encourage and promote regular attendance at NLE and follow the policies set in place by Walker County Schools. Attendance is addressed in the Walker County Schools FYI Booklet.

Emergency Cards

Emergency cards will be brought home the first day of school and collected by the teachers the next school day. All information needs to be completed. Any change to the card must be made in person by the parent/guardian who originally signed the back of the card. The contact information on these cards will be used for School Messenger notifications.

Notes (from Parent/Guardian)

Please send a note to the school if:

*Your child needs to be dismissed early.

*Your child is going home with other children.

*Your child is riding a different bus or getting off at a different stop. Be specific with the address.

*Someone else is picking up your child. This person must be listed on the Emergency Card. A picture I.D. will be required.


Any prescribed or over-the-counter medication must be brought to school by a parent, in the original bottle with child's name and correct dosage information on the label. A Medication Authorization form must be completed and a pill count for any controlled substance must be done with parent and staff. An adult will administer all medication with administration documentation on file. A nurse is available on a part time basis.


Students will be allowed to use the phone only with their teacher's approval. A student cannot be called out of class to talk on the phone, except in the case of an emergency.

Cell Phones

We encourage all cell phones to be left at home. However, if there is a reason that one must be brought to school, it needs to stay in the students’ book bag and be turned “off” while on the school campus (the bus is considered part of the campus). Phones may be taken up if it rings while at school or if the student uses it without permission. A parent or guardian will have to retrieve the phone from the office if it is taken up for violation of this rule. School personnel will not be responsible for lost or stolen phones.

What to Leave at Home

Cell phones and anything not needed for class should be left at home. Cameras, radios, recorders, skateboards, pets, chewing gum, electronic games, toys, etc. should not be brought unless the teacher provides permission. Knives, matches, lighters, fireworks, guns, tobacco of all types, vapes, alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed on school premises. Items of aforementioned nature are prohibited, and violate state and local laws.

What you MAY bring

Students may bring a recess bag with individual toys such as jump ropes, dolls, toy trucks or cars, change of clothes as needed, etc. More information will come from homeroom teachers.


School personnel try to prevent losses, but they are not responsible for students’ personal property. Large amounts of money or valuables should not be brought to school.

Food Service Program

Breakfast is free and all students will be informed each morning of available options provided. We encourage all students to take part in this FREE PROGRAM.

Our school food service provides a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast and lunch. Therefore, students or adults should not bring fast food items from restaurants. Also, students are not allowed to bring carbonated drinks except to take on a field trip.

Meals can be paid by the day, week, or month. Applications for free or reduced meals are available and must be completed and returned. If students accidentally forget their lunch money, they may charge for that day's lunch. Due to the large number of charges not being paid, students will not be allowed to charge more than a total of $5.00 without approval from an administrator. Charges should be paid promptly.

We hope all students will participate in our lunch program and encourage parents to visit and eat with us daily. Our school is HAPPY to accept checks. Please follow the check requirements set by Payliance.

Checks must include:

· Full Name

· Street Address

· Home Phone Number

· Second Phone Number

**Information about paying on-line will be sent home.

Instructional Time

Please understand that teachers have a professional responsibility to educate students. Unnecessary interruptions should not interfere with teaching. Please make every effort to have your student at school every day, all day!

Parent Conferences

Parents are encouraged to contact the school any time they want to discuss their child's education. They should call in advance so that a meeting can be planned. We cannot call a teacher out of the classroom to take a phone call except for an extreme emergency. Teachers will schedule parent conferences during the school year, and your attendance is encouraged. Teachers will schedule parent conferences after 2:30 or during planning periods. Other times will be scheduled if necessary. Parents and visitors must always check by the office before going to classrooms. ****At least for the first 9 weeks, all meetings will be virtual unless otherwise authorized by the administration.

Physical Education

PE is required for all students. If your child is sick and cannot participate, please send a note to the teacher. If your child misses PE frequently, a doctor's excuse is recommended. Students are asked to wear tennis shoes during PE classes for safety reasons.

We offer after school care called RAMBLER REACH.

Operating until 6:00 pm every day.

For cost and more information, contact our front office staff.

Parent Teacher Organization

Support our PTO by joining the organization. Meetings and workshops are held throughout the school year. North LaFayette receives financial support from the PTO on items that cannot be afforded by the school or the classroom teacher. The PTO provides additional funding for designated areas of needs.


Students are graded on Standards Mastery as described in FYI. Parents have access to grades at any time on Power School. Progress Reports/Report Card (paper copy) will be sent home twice a year.

Equal Education Opportunities

It is the policy of the Walker County Board of Education to provide equal education opportunities in its educational programs and activities.

Student Dress Code

Students are expected to comply with the Walker County School District Elementary Dress Code.

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS)

NLE is a PBIS school. PBIS applies evidence-based programs, practices and strategies for all students to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behavior, and continually develop a positive school culture. NLE current programming and strategies with reward systems are put into place to engage and motivate students positively everyday.


All students are expected to behave in a respectful and orderly manner while in all areas of school, including the cafeteria, playground and the bus. If, however, a student becomes disruptive, we reserve the right to employ appropriate discipline. North LaFayette Elementary School's discipline policy conforms to both local and state policies.

Bus Rules

Riding a bus is a privilege. All pupils on the bus are under the authority of the driver and the bus rules. Failure to do so can result in a child not being permitted to ride a school bus. Disciplinary action will be taken if students do not behave appropriately. Inappropriate bus behavior can result in bus suspension.

Before any student can ride another bus, written permission must be sent from home stating this change. A bus pass must be obtained from the office to ride a different bus

Student Harassment

It is the policy of the Walker County Board of Education to maintain a learning environment that is free from any student harassment. All students have the right to study in an environment free from all forms of discrimination and conduct, which can be considered harassing, coercive, or disruptive. It shall be a violation of this policy for students to harass other students. It shall be a violation of this policy for any employee of the Walker County Board of Education to harass a student. Any violation of this policy should be reported immediately to the principal or assistant principal.

Fire Drills/Tornado Drills/Lockdown

Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of your child during normal school hours. Periodic fire, tornado and lockdown drills are practiced to make certain students learn proper safety procedures and adhere to all safety guidelines.

Inclement Weather

School personnel will be in constant contact with Emergency Management officials so that early warning can be received concerning possible severe weather. Students will be sent home only if there is sufficient time to get them there before severe weather strikes. Parents are urged not to come to the school for children if the severe weather is already in the immediate area since students would be safer at school than traveling under these conditions. Students will not be checked out to parents during a tornado warning; however, parents will be encouraged to join students in designated safe areas within the school building until the warning has expired. Disaster drills will be held regularly at the school so the children will be familiar with safety areas and procedures. If it becomes necessary to send students home, the Superintendent of Schools and not the building principal will make that decision. Parents will be notified by phone, email and/or text message of any school closings via the School Messenger notification system. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep your home address and phone number(s) current in the school office. The following stations will announce school closures: 93.1 AM and 102.7 FM.

Check for school announcements and local weather stations and listen for a school cast call.


See GEORGIA COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE LAW State of Georgia Code: 20-2-690.1. in the Walker County FYI Handbook

School Traffic – All Traffic procedures are subject to change per administration’s discretion

The safety of our children is top priority. Please observe the traffic signs and be patient.

1. Cell Phone HANDS FREE ZONE in our Car Line.

2. Park in designated parking areas only - no bus areas.

3. Drive slowly.

4. One-way traffic while on school grounds.

5. Do not leave your vehicle unattended unless you are appropriately parked in a designated parking spot.

6. Buckle-up before leaving campus.

A.M Drop Off/P.M. Pickup Procedure

Traffic for first couple of weeks may be difficult and we are requesting your patience. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all students. The procedures for arrival and dismissal are outlined below. Your support and cooperation will be essential for the success of these procedures. Carefully read the following procedures. You may call the school with any questions or suggestions.

A.M. Traffic (Arrival)

1. All cars are to enter at the Indiana Street entrance. *Please remember the N. Duke Street entrance is for buses and staff only.

2. Cars are to enter the drop off area in double file.

3. Approximately 10 cars will be unloaded with traffic held until all children are safely on the sidewalk.

4. Those vehicles will be released and another 10 will then be unloaded.


*Please have children ready to unload when you enter the drop off area.

*For safety reasons we ask that the students exit the car from the passenger side (right side) of the car.

*Students are expected to unload on their own.

*Parents are asked to remain in the car unless you are parked in a designated parking spot on the south side.

*Please pull all the way forward or behind the next cart in line.

*Please DO NOT drop your child off on Duke Street and allow them to walk up the sidewalk by themselves.

P.M. Traffic (Dismissal)

1. All cars are to enter at the Indiana Street entrance.

2. Cars will move double file (two lanes) into the pick-up area. *Please choose your lane early based on if you will be turning left or right when you exit the lot onto Duke Street.

3. Approximately 10 cars will be loaded with traffic held until all children are safely loaded.

4. These vehicles will be released and another 10 will then be loaded.

*Please do not use the North Duke Street entrance for arrival or pick up. This is designated for bus students and staff only.


*Please decide the correct lane, left or right, before entering the pick up area. You will not be able to change lanes after entering this area.

*Parents are asked to remain in the car.

*Ask children to listen quietly for their names to be called. If they are not outside when you drive up, you will be asked to park or to go back around.

*Please follow traffic/road rules at all times. Do not block intersections. **Parents may park and walk up for their child(ren). It will be essential for you to contact the school with any transportation changes prior to 1:45 pm. Students are assigned to different dismissal areas based on how they are being picked up.

*Please do not block driveways or park on the front lawns of private residences.